faq's - mole scanning

How does Mole scanning work?
Mole scanning is a treatment recommended for all patients and clients who are prone to moles and freckles (naevi and ephilides).  Each individual mole or skin discolouration is photographed at close proximity.  The multi-layered photographs are stored electronically for future reference and progression.
Information gleaned from one photograph includes colour, depth, diameter, vascularity and density – all necessary for an accurate diagnosis and documenting of lesion progression.
Dr Huskisson then analyses the information obtained and a treatment plan is put together.

What are the costs involved with Mole Scanning?
Excluding the consultation fee:

  • Scanning of 10 or less moles: R400 and
  • more than 10 moles: R600.

Does Medical Aid cover Mole Scanning?
Most of the Medical aids in South Africa do cover the mole scanning procedure. We admit to medical aids straight away.

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