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What is Mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy is used as an intensive rejuvenating, strengthening and skin maintenance treatment for all skin types and ages.  It is used in addition to a healthy skin care routine to boost and guide the skin through hormonal changes, seasonal changes, periods of illness – or simply to prepare for a big day.  Mesotherapy brings the healthy glow, velvety touch and satin texture to the skin.

How does Mesotherapy work?
We apply this treatment when the skin is in need of an intense combination of rehydration, skin brightening, textural softening and collagen improvement. A potent cocktail of concentrated ingredients is blended and applied directly to the skin.  The therapist uses a tapping motion with a SIT applicator to prepare the skin surface.  Then the serum is gently coaxed into the deeper layers of the skin where the blend will be most effectively utilised by the cells as they make their way up to the surface in their normal cycle.
You may choose to have the facial area treated only, or the neck and décolleté only.  Majority of our clients combine these two though, for optimal results.

Who would benefit from Mesotherapy?
Anyone who is aware of the health and appearance of his/her skin.  This treatment is ideal to enjoy once a month, but is safe enough to appreciate every day!
We do recommend Mesotherapy as the perfect ‘SPECIAL OCCASION’ treatment enjoyed two days prior to an event or as a course of treatments building up to an event – or as maintenance on a monthly basis.

How long does a Mesotherapy treatment take?
One treatment, including the initial consultation takes 30 minutes. The following treatments vary between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the areas treated.

What does Mesotherapy cost? 
The cost involved depends on the number of ml’s blended into the personalised cocktail.
One ml is R500 and every ml added is an additional R100.
The first time treatment usually consists of 1-2ml on the face and 1 ml on the neck and décolleté. 

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