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What is Dermaroller™?
The Dermaroller treatment is an effective anti-ageing therapy, giving similar results as you may achieve with ablative technologies (i.e. Carbon Dioxide and Erbium Lasers, Dermabrasion and deep chemical peels) where the epidermis is destroyed.
The anti-ageing consumer is demanding less invasive procedures to achieve the goal of longevity and ageless beauty, and Dermaroller™ Skin Needling is one of these novel technologies which results in an almost side effect free concept for facial and non-facial skin rejuvenation. Skin needling has also been referred to as Dermaroller™, Collagen Induction Therapy™ (CIT) and Needle-dermabrasion.

How does the Dermaroller™ treatment work?
Dermaroller™ Skin Needling is a medical procedure making use of a cosmetic dermaroller, performed by qualified practitioners only. The cosmetic dermaroller is a hand held instrument studded with needles ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 mm in length, and is gently rolled over the area to be treated. The 30 minute procedure produces thousands of tiny wounds that can penetrate as deeply as the dermis and start up the inflammation phase of skin healing. The minute wounds caused by the needling trigger growth-factors that form new tissue layers and natural collagen with hardly any downtime at all.
These minute injuries cause micro-bleeding, not visible on the skin and each tiny wound goes through the classic phases of wound healing which induce growth factors. These growth factors are responsible for the production of new collagen which is deposited into the dermis.

When should an individual begin with Dermaroller™ treatments?
The treatments should be started sooner rather than later when the skin has a much greater ability to rejuvenate. If wrinkles are left and they become ingrained and scar-like they are more difficult to soften or diminish. Loss of collagen causes the dreaded sagging.

What to expect after a Dermaroller™ treatment?
These minute injuries cause micro-bleeding that is not visible on the surface of the skin. The needle only penetrates through the epidermis and does not remove it, thus the skins’ natural protective barrier remains intact. The pierced epidermis rapidly heals in a matter of hours.
After the procedure, the treated skin has the appearance of moderate sunburn which improves over the next 24 to 48 hours. Make-up can be worn the following day, but is not advisable.

Is a Dermaroller™ treatment safe?
One hour before the treatment a local numbing agent is applied to the area making the procedure with the cosmetic dermaroller almost painless. No downtime is necessary.

What are the costs involved?
The initial treatment cost is R2 300. This includes the purchasing of your own roller, together with a tube of topical anaesthetic, and the first treatment.
Thereafter your roller is sterilised and stored. With every consecutive treatment, 6 weeks apart, your roller is taken out and used for your treatment only.  The consecutive treatments are R1000 each and include a Growth Factor mask applied after the roller treatment.

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